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Posted on 27th June 2019

The American Chamber of Malaysia (AMCHAM) held a dialogue session with 2 eminent speakers on 25 June 2019 at their newly renovated premises in Sheraton Imperial. The speakers were Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan, a former President of the Malaysian Bar Council, and Dr. Anthony Dass, the Group Chief Economist and Head of Research at Ambank Malaysia. Our Managing Partner, Loong Caesar moderated the session which had a lively exchange of views on the topic “Beyond the First year of New Malaysia: The Promise of Shared Prosperity”.

Dato’ Ambiga shared her views on the government’s performance in the main areas where reform was needed and said that whilst some positives were apparent particularly in recent judicial appointments and in the MACC, the slow pace of reform in other areas such as with the police, education and legislative amendments was unacceptable.

Dr. Dass’ presentation focussed on some of the same areas but he also painted a gloomy picture of the Malaysian economy the impending downturn as we come to the end of another 10 year economic cycle.

Loong Caesar moderating the Q&A session

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