• Acted in contractual dispute between project owner and contractor at the Kuantan High Court involving bauxite mining
  • Acted in contractual dispute involving investment agreement in the teak plantation
  • Acted in defamation suit involving whistle blower at the Kuala Lumpur High Court and Court of Appeal
  • Acted in dispute between Joint Management Body and developer of condominium project
  • Acted in land dispute between land owner and property developer
  • Acted for well established mobile messaging platform provider in prosecution by Multimedia Communications and Multimedia Commission
  • Acted for local companies in dispute involving industrial relation matters
  • Acted for Slovakian based company in dispute involving investment in Malaysia
  • Acted for numerous local and foreign companies in debt recovery matters
  • Acted for home owner in dispute with local municipal authority involving damage to property and trespass
  • Acted for Singapore owned Malaysian based company in industrial relations matters
  • Acted for Arbitrator in a claim for fees in a contractual dispute with parties in an arbitration matter
  • Acted for employees in dispute with Taiwanese owned company
  • Acted in matrimonial dispute matters
  • Acted in dispute involving probate
  • Acted in dispute involving distributorship and franchise agreements