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Posted on 1st December 2019

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Counsels for the parties after the Court’s decision on 28 November 2019

After a two and a half years of litigation involving 5 interlocutory applications and a lengthy trial, a team led by Managing Partner Loong Caesar, successfully defended a claim brought by Roxwell Group Sdn. Bhd. against listed entity, Iris Corporation Berhad. He was assisted by Ong Wei Lin, Emily Chew, Danny Khoo, Lum Chun Shuo and Elizabeth Goh.

The plaintiff’s claim which was based on a breach of contract and the torts of unlawful interference with contractual relations and conspiracy to injure, alleged that Iris had failed to honour the terms of an agreement made with the plaintiff in 2011.

The plaintiff alleged in its statement of claim that it had undertaken various activities and made significant introductions to high level officials in the Republic of Guinea that resulted in Iris being award a substantial contract for the sum of US$250 million. Copious evidence was filed and presented in court in support of the plaintiff’s claims including a 305 page witness statement referring to multiple conversations, emails, meetings and events over several years.

Written submissions for Iris totalled 85 pages and oral submissions before the court took another 6 hours. However, in the end, Mr. Justice Daryl Goon found that that there was insufficient evidence to support the plaintiff’s contentions and dismissed the claims.

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